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VentureSouth-wide investments begin with ActivEd

Charlie Banks
Charlie Banks
Last updated: June 4, 2024
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VentureSouth exists to encourage collaboration between angel investors across our state. Our goal is to fund fully our best early stage companies - so they can spend less time fundraising and more time building great businesses.

As the UBJ and other reported we are realizing our goal. The investment in ActivEd is the first time that almost all of the angel groups affiliated with VentureSouth have invested together in supporting a South Carolina-based company. Over 60 investors, from Asheville to Charleston, joined the angel round.

This is not only the first truly state-wide "syndication" by VentureSouth groups. It is also the first investment from VentureSouth angels in Spartanburg. Congratulations!

Sharing the best investment opportunities, due diligence, and industry expertise across the state; pooling capital to diversify risk; and helping communities form their own angel groups. This is what VentureSouth  is for and we are proud to be executing on our plan.