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VentureSouth Angel Funds

VentureSouth offers "sidecar funds" for investors who would like to hold a diverse portfolio of early-stage companies through an index of VentureSouth investments.

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Sidecar Funds Overview


VentureSouth sidecar funds co-invest alongside VentureSouth members in ~20 early-stage companies diversified across industries and locations across the Southeast. 


When 10 or more VentureSouth members invest $100,000 or more together, the active sidecar fund typically matches the investment (up to 125% of the investment made by VentureSouth members). 


Investors in our funds receive:

  • Access to the best early-stage companies from across the region
  • Due diligence insights that benefit from the experience of over 500 angel investors
  • Automatic diversification into a portfolio of angel investments
  • Professional management through a dedicated fund structure
  • Automatic pass-through of SC angel investor tax crediton eligible investments