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Team Testimonial - Samantha Efird

Devon Smith
Devon Smith
Last updated: June 3, 2024
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Samantha Boensch Efird was born and raised in Charleston, SC. She attended Clemson University, where she studied Psychology and minored in Genetics. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Sam moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to work for Insight Global as a recruiter. After working there for almost two years, Sam decided she wanted to return to her home state. 

She heard about VentureSouth through a friend, who encouraged her to apply for the job. In January of 2021, Sam was hired as the Director of Operations. Sam’s favorite part of the job is two-fold: she likes to learn about the different types of startups that partner with VentureSouth, and she likes to observe how our investors provide guidance and advice to these young companies. 

“Watching how VentureSouth impacts these companies by providing guidance to help them grow and be more successful is very inspiring.” Recently, Sam watched one of VentureSouth portfolio companies successfully exit, and she is excited to watch more portfolio companies exit and grow in their success.

Sam grew up by the coast in Charleston (and, for a brief time, Costa Rica), so she loves to be in the water, whether its surfing or swimming. Since she moved to the more mountainous upstate, Sam likes doing outdoor activities such as playing sports, gardening, and camping.