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September 2021 VentureSouth Recap

Devon Smith
Devon Smith
Last updated: June 3, 2024
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September was a very busy month for VentureSouth. We made a lot of exciting announcements! 

VentureSouth News VentureSouth is excited to announce their newest market, VentureSouth Triangle, in The Research Triangle area of North Carolina. VentureSouth has invested in 15 companies in the region and already includes many investors who live or work in the Triangle. Responding to requests from those participants to meet in person regularly, VentureSouth is formally launching the Triangle market – its 15th local investor location. We are hosting our first interest meeting on October 13th. 

Portfolio Activity  

  • Live Furnish completed a second round of capital raising for a total of $1.5 million. Live Furnish intends to invest the capital in expansion into other markets. 
  • Pass It Down has raised nearly $2 million from investors to create and launch Iconic Moments, the world’s first NFT marketplace exclusively for the world’s museums and cultural institutions. 
  • 6AM City raised a new round of funding north of $5 million. 6AM City plans to launch three new products by year's end, including a loyalty-based membership platform, a referral program for subscriber acquisition and a local commerce platform.
  • Spiffy acquired Tennessee company Pit Crew. Pit Crew will provide unique services to our markets nationwide. These include battery replacement, wiper blade replacement, headlight/tail light replacement, and more.
  • Zipit has partnered with Connected Development and Kopis to offer a comprehensive IoT Reference Platform that allows customers with size, power, or cost constrained applications to accelerate time to market.
  • Sprockets announces an integration between McHire, powered by Paradox, and Sprockets. Sprockets AI-powered solution now works directly with McHire, helping franchises source applicants quickly and reveal who will perform like your best crew members. 

Membership VentureSouth is excited to welcome 17 new members to our flock! These members grow our markets across the Southeast.