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VentureSouth Launches Triangle Group

Devon Smith
Devon Smith
Last updated: January 23, 2024
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Greenville, S.C. – VentureSouth is excited to announce their newest market, VentureSouth Triangle, in The Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

VentureSouth is one of the largest angel investment groups in the United States, with over 400 members and 50 active portfolio companies, and is recognized by the Angel Capital Association as one of the top 10 groups in North America. The group invested $9.2 million in 26 companies in 2020 and has continued to increase its investing activity in 2021.

VentureSouth has invested in 15 companies in the region and the group already includes many investors who live or work in the Triangle. Responding to requests from those participants to meet in person regularly, VentureSouth is formally launching the Triangle market– its 15th local investor group.

VentureSouth portfolio companies in the Triangle include Baebies, MemberHub, Nirvana Biosciences, Reveal Mobile, Seal the Seasons, Spiffy, Trio Labs, and UVision360.

Paul Clark, a Managing Director of VentureSouth, commented: “VentureSouth is frequently asked why we do not yet have a group in the Triangle, so we have decided to answer the demand. We continue to see and support promising early-stage companies in the region, and we look forward to welcoming new investors from the Triangle into our network.”

To learn more about VentureSouth and our activities in the Triangle, please join our next interest meeting on October 13th, or visit