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The VentureSouth Summit 2019 - This Week!

Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Last updated: June 4, 2024
Venture south fallback

Final preparations are nearly done for the 2019 VentureSouth Summit and Venture Carolina Education Conference.

As for the last three years, our goal this week is to bring 200 VentureSouth members and 100 entrepreneurs together for a giant angel group meeting and comprehensive educational event. It is a logistical nightmare (for those that aren’t professional event planners) scheduled right around Thanksgiving.


Why do we do this?

One reason is that we must. Our angel “sidecar” funds, like other professionally-managed “closed pools” (venture capital or private equity funds), has an annual meeting where investors quiz the fund team on performance over the year. Our funds are doing very well, which makes these meetings more enjoyable!

Another reason is because – despite the huge amount of work – it’s not much more work than organizing a dozen angel group meetings and educational events across the Carolinas each month. And it’s nice to save driving time this time of year.

But the key reason is because angel investing is a team sport. Angels make better decisions when there are more brains thinking about problems, more eyes searching for weaknesses, more networks available to help portfolio companies, and more capital available to fund more companies and support subsequent rounds of funding.

It’s not too late to participate.

If you are an entrepreneur, we are confident $100 spent on Wednesday’s educational topics will generate a strong return on investment as you raise capital. You can sign up here.

If you are an investor, there is no better advertisement – maybe anywhere in the country – for best-in-class angel investing. We can’t guarantee you an ROI when you invest, but we’re confident the return on coming on Wednesday and Thursday will be high. Email us and we’ll find you a seat.

It might have to be an emergency fold-up one, though.