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VentureSouth's regional and national profile

Charlie Banks
Charlie Banks
Last updated: June 6, 2024
Venture south fallback

At VentureSouth, we aspire to be one of the leading early stage investment firms in the US. From humble beginnings, we now manage over 230 business and community leaders in angel groups over a 300 mile region - and invest as much capital as a small venture capital fund.

But more than that, we try to find, implement, and improve the best practices of early stage investors. This is why we are particularly pleased when our efforts receive regional and national recognition.

Matt has excelled at this recently. Last week, he participated in Bull City Ventures' Venture Outlook event in Raleigh event that was written up in Inc magazine and other places.

To top that, today he was recognized as one of the leading early stage investor thought-leaders. The Angel Capital Association listed Matt's article in the UBJ last year as #6 among the top 25 "must reads" of 2016 for angel investors. His fellow nominees are some of the most recognized angel investors (like Dave Berkus) and leading venture capitalists (like Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, and Mark Suster).

Matt's a humble guy, but we have no qualms about saying that his knowledge of angel investing is second to none. We are pleased that others across the US agree.