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VentureSouth Establishing Fayetteville Angel Investor Group

Charlie Banks
Charlie Banks
Last updated: June 4, 2024
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VentureSouth, the Southeast’s largest angel investment network, is once again expanding its footprint. Fayetteville, N.C. will become the 14th community with a VentureSouth angel group, bringing the resources of a venture capital firm to local investors.

Marty Cayton, a local angel investor and owner of Fayetteville-based TeamLogic IT of Eastern N.C., will serve as the director of VentureSouth Fayetteville. 

“Being able to wave the VentureSouth banner in Fayetteville is a significant step towards putting our community on the map as a place to start and grow companies. VentureSouth brings a successful and proven process to our local investors and will undoubtedly lead to the growth of our angel investment and entrepreneurship ecosystem,” Cayton said. 

VentureSouth invests in early-stage companies in the Southeast, typically those seeking $250,000 to $1 million. Its over 300 members have invested $50 million in more than 70 companies across the region. Other VentureSouth angel groups already operate in Charlotte, Asheville, Wilmington, Greenville, S.C., Charleston, S.C. and other regions throughout the Carolinas. 

The firm has invested in many high-profile companies across the region, many of which have been acquired, providing substantial returns for VentureSouth investors. 

Charlie Banks, VentureSouth Managing Director, states, “History has proven that many of the country’s most successful companies were born during peculiar economic times. Thus, given the current environment, there will be significant opportunities for investors to gain exposure to many exciting, high-growth companies. There is an obvious energy here so Fayetteville is a perfect fit for VentureSouth. We feel as if our professional process and regional deal pipeline for investors will be a welcomed addition to the ecosystem.” 

“Now, more than ever, we need fresh ideas from entrepreneurs. In addition to a full-time team to manage the process, the attractiveness of VentureSouth’s model is that it leverages the collective expertise of 300+ angel investors who screen potential opportunities and conduct professional due diligence,” Cayton said. 

VentureSouth Fayetteville members pay an annual membership fee that covers the cost of staff, meetings and technology platforms. In addition to seeing potential investments on a monthly basis, VentureSouth Fayetteville members will connect with other experienced investors throughout the region, be able to access VentureSouth’s comprehensive educational curriculum, and gain exposure to emerging technologies, business models and entrepreneurs.

VentureSouth Fayetteville will host educational and informational sessions throughout the summer and fall. For more information and to participate in VentureSouth, please join here.

For interviews or more information, contact Charlie Banks, VentureSouth Managing Director, at (803) 414-6702 or