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Venture Carolina and Sharpen Offer Mental Health App to Entrepreneurs in South Carolina

Charlie Banks
Charlie Banks
Last updated: June 4, 2024
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Venture Carolina, an educational nonprofit whose mission is to support entrepreneurs in the Carolinas, is making its Sharpen Founder mental health app available for free to all entrepreneurs in South Carolina.


Company founders and entrepreneurs suffer disproportionately from mental health challenges because of the stresses of creating and growing their companies. These stresses are particularly acute during the current health and economic challenges related to Covid-19.

Charlie Banks, Venture Carolina’s Executive Director, noted: “Even in the best of times, being a founder is incredibly hard work. In today’s trying times, entrepreneurs need every support they can get to keep our economy running and keep developing solutions to the new problems we face. Venture Carolina is glad it can temporarily provide the Sharpen Founder mental resiliency app to those who need it during this difficult period.”

Sharpen is a mental health content and technology company based in Spartanburg, S.C. Sharpen collaborates with mission-driven organizations and licensed mental health providers to offer entrepreneurs self-help information, techniques, and guidance. Unique to Sharpen, the content is offered in the voices and perspectives of entrepreneurs themselves.

“In uncertain times, Sharpen Founder provides something entrepreneurs and company founders can rely on,” said Robyn Hussa Farrell, CEO and co-Founder of Sharpen. “The Sharpen Founder app allows entrepreneurs access to valuable mental health resources that will help them through these unprecedented challenges.”

To access the app directly, please visit the app download page. You can also learn more information from Sharpen at and Venture Carolina at

Venture Carolina is a South Carolina based non-profit organization that uses comprehensive educational resources to teach entrepreneurs how best to position their companies for early-stage funding, and to guide investors on how to make disciplined angel investment decisions. The result is an environment within the Southeast that successfully bridges the critical funding gap that exists between entrepreneurs and investors.

Sharpen emphasizes the collaboration and production of high-quality mental health content and community engagement. Aggregating its own original mental health content, as well as relevant mental health content from providers/producers that are shared on the application, Sharpen collaborates with licensed mental health providers to provide targeted communities and audiences with relevant information in a safe environment that includes private social networking, information sharing, and patient self-help techniques. Unique to Sharpen, the content is offered in the voices and perspectives of the audience being served. Sharpen offers a way to efficiently and effectively implement telehealth services while offering users an array of supportive services. Sharpen can be the portal through which these services are offered to better serve mental health needs.