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The SC angel investor tax credit - a summary

Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Last updated: January 17, 2024
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Over the last couple of weeks, I think we’ve told you everything we know about the SC angel investor tax credit.

As a quick reminder, it is a credit against your South Carolina income tax liability, of up to 35% of the amount you invest in a qualified South Carolina Company. Here’s the overall guide for more of an introduction, along with our FAQs on buying or selling a credit; an intro to the credit recapture provisions; and an update on its usage so far.

What have we missed? What would you like to know about the tax credit, or about anything else relating to tax issues affecting early stage investing?

We had a Crowdr session on tax issues relating to angel investing, where we covered this credit more. You can review the video here and if you have other questions please let us know.