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The SC angel investor tax credit - what you need to know

Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Last updated: January 17, 2024
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There aren't many places to go to learn about the SC angel investor tax credit. Our intro guide tries to explain what the credit is for, but there are nuances and some aspects of the credit that the guide doesn't cover.

How do I sell a credit I can't use? How do I find a buyer and where can I find some "transfer paperwork"? What are the implications of buying a credit? How do I make sure my credit is real? What happens when the original investment pays off?

Over the next series of blog posts, we are going to address some of these questions. We definitely won't answer everyone's questions, though. We would love to hear about what we missed (or explained badly) at our upcoming Crowdr session on the tax implications of angel investments. Join us there and see if you can stump us.

First, a quick reminder to company founders: don't forget that you can get the credit (if you incorporate and get your company qualified before you invest in the company). And even if you missed that boat, get your company qualified before you raise capital - it might make your life easier.