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Myths of Angel Investing: This Month's Posts

Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Last updated: January 17, 2024
Venture south fallback

In my last two Upstate Business Journal articles (here and here), I’ve tried to debunk a few myths and clear up a few misconceptions about angel investing.

There are a few areas that word count limits my ability to explain and cite sources, so over the course of the next few posts this month I’m going to expand on the eight topics, to explore where the misconceptions come from and provide a bit more detail on my clarifications. Hope they prove useful.

Don’t have time to read those articles? No problem: the myths are:

  1. Not many people can be angel investors

  2. You need to invest a lot of money

  3. It takes a long time to build a portfolio

  4. You need to be an expert

  5. Angel investing is for philanthropy or fund, not making money

  6. It costs too much to be an investor

  7. It takes too long to reach exits

  8. There aren’t enough unicorns in the southeast