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Member Testimonial - David Grisell

Devon Smith
Devon Smith
Last updated: June 3, 2024
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David Grisell started his career as a physician, specializing in Oncology. He graduated from The University of Texas - Medical Branch with his undergraduate degree, and then continued his education at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth to complete his DO. After working as a physician for 30+ years, he decided he did not want to work for other people anymore. David went back to school and graduated from Clemson University with his MBA. He then went to start an online medical service business with his son. With the success of uMedMarket, David hopes to expand into the cosmetic industry, providing transparency on price, provider, credentials, and availability. Learn more about uMedMarket here.

David has been an investor all his life. He became interested in angel investing when his son moved to California to work for Instacart. By talking with his son about new startups happening on the West Coast, David decided to look for an angel group in the Southeast. Through VentureSouth’s Charleston branch, he was able to connect with Matt Dunbar and join VentureSouth UCAN. 

As of writing, David has been with VentureSouth for 6 years and has served on 22 due diligence teams. When asked what advice he would give to starting investors, David says, “Education is key.” Through VentureSouth and their educational subsidiary, members can learn about many different areas of angel investing. If someone wants to start investing on their own, they should visit the American Capital Association website to learn the terms, ins and outs, and other basic building blocks of investing. “You can lose your shirt in investing if you don't follow some few basic principles, like going through due diligence and diversification.”

David now cohosts the Venture In The South podcast (with Paul), dropping episodes about angel investing in the southeastern United States every Monday!