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Member Testimonial - Chuck Tutterow

Devon Smith
Devon Smith
Last updated: June 3, 2024
Venture south fallback

Chuck Tutterow is a former chief financial officer of several public and private companies. A couple of those companies had large legacy pension plans, so he gained portfolio investing experience through those, including evaluating “alternative” investments. 

Chuck believes that once a person decides to start investing, the toughest challenge is finding the right community and deal flow. When he was searching for a venture group, he came across VentureSouth. What Chuck found most attractive about VentureSouth was the company’s orderly process to evaluate a variety of high-quality deals. Even though there is a set process, Chuck still feels that there is a lot of freedom for its members to make their own decisions based on their own criteria. Another quality that Chuck values in a venture community is the variety of members. 

“Having a wide variety of experiences throughout membership base is a tremendous asset that allows us to evaluate many things that you might not understand on your own, and exposes you to a tremendous group of individuals.”