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How Gabby turns NO into New Opportunities

Devon Smith
Devon Smith
Last updated: June 3, 2024
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The past year has been challenging, but I am grateful it made me stronger. I am sharing three lessons I learned more about in business. My first is to serve and give back. It has been a rough year for many people and it is super important for our businesses to give back to those who support and follow us. We did giveaways (public and private) and online hair care education events in our free Confidence Community on Facebook to serve and help people during the hard year. There is probably someone who is struggling more than you and there are ways to give to them. Even if it is a small gift, always think about other people’s needs and how you can help. 

My second lesson is to continue to meet people's needs. As business owners, it is our job to continue to meet people's needs.  As salons started to close in the US due to COVID-19, many families were doing hair at home and needed the supplies to do that. We made a pivot to create a Home Hair Care Bundle so everyone had a better experience with doing their little girl's hair at home. The bundle took off and we have had the strongest months in seven years during the pandemic.  

My third lesson is my quote about the meaning of "NO." When COVID-19 became worse in the US, so many events were cancelled or postponed that were a big part of our revenue. There is a quote I came up with that says, "NO is just an abbreviation for Next Opportunity." This has been a quote to live by because even though events were cancelled, we still kept going and found new ways to serve people, deliver keynotes and make revenue. I can't wait to keep growing and learning with you in 2021!

-- Gabby Goodwin CEO of Confidence Inventor of GaBBY Bows