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Executing Exits - feedback and thanks

Charlie Banks
Charlie Banks
Last updated: June 10, 2024
Venture south fallback

Bill Payne’s Executing Exits workshop last Wednesday was a big success. Over 130 people – members and guests to this workshop – came to our Summit sessions last week. One attendee travelled over 300 miles, and two others travelled over 250 miles, to see Bill and learn the secrets to planning and executing the exit from a business.

These events cannot take place without the support and input of many – Bill, the Angel Resource Institute, our members, and the community partners who helped promote the session.

We want to give an especially big thanks to Wells Fargo for its support and publicity, and to Frank Williamson and Chris Wright at Oaklyn Consulting for helping in particular to fund the costs of the workshop.

And lastly thanks to the panel participants – Mac Lackey, David Dunn, and VentureSouth portfolio company CEO Rich West of Baebies – for adding their anecdotes and practical experience to Bill’s information.

Thanks to everyone. Now, let’s get implementing the lessons and turning these companies into real success stories!

And if anyone has any feedback - let us know here.