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Best angel investing podcasts for southeastern angel investors

Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Last updated: June 3, 2024
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Best angel investing podcasts for southeastern angel investors Interested in angel investing and like podcasts? You’re in the right place – our annotated guide to podcasts about angel investing in the southeast. There are already lists of angel investing podcasts. Why do we need one for the southeast, you ask? Angel investing is not a one-size-fits-all activity: angel investing in San Francisco is not the same as angel investing in Spartanburg. We enjoy nationally-renowned angels’ opinions, but value as much those that really understand early-stage funding realities in the southeast. But, we have never found a good guide of audio content from southeastern angels, so had to create it. Here it is!

Venture in the South. Naturally we have to lead off with Venture in the South. Launched in 2021 by VentureSouth Managing Director Paul Clark and VentureSouth member David Grisell, Venture In The South covers everything angel investing from angel education, to interviews with startup CEOs, and so much more!

Charlotte Angel Connection The grandfather of angel investing podcasts from the southeast is William Bissett’s Charlotte Angel Connection. Through over 100 episodes exploring the challenges and potential of the Charlotte entrepreneurial ecosystem, William is one of the few hosts truly interested in funding startups. Guests representing Wolfpack, Grotech, Frontier, Charlotte Angel Fund, QC Fintech and others provide a range of viewpoints and knowledge about angel investing in the Carolinas. William has also been kind enough to invite the VentureSouth team on, so naturally we recommend the episodes with Paul and John Dillard of Threatswitch at this link, Mac Lackey at this one, and multiple VentureSouth members across the series. 

First Check A more recent addition to the podcast scene, Tim McCloughlin at Cofounders Capital launched his First Check podcast to share his views as the GP of a VC fund that shares much with angels in the southeast. We enjoyed the first episode with Donald Thompson and suggest subscribing for future content. 

Pete Meets Pete Meets is a video podcast hosted by Pete McEntegart, Managing Editor of GrepBeat, covering tech entrepreneurs, investors, and entrepreneurial leaders. Investors appear here frequently, including Robbie Hardy of xElle Ventures and VentureSouth’s own Matt Dunbar in episode 6. (Brian Handly, CEO of VentureSouth portfolio company Reveal Mobile, entertains in episode 7.)   

*** That’s it, just three recommendations? There are not many content creators focused on angel investing in the southeast; most address the wider startup or tech scenes in the region, but have only occasional appearances from angel investors. Here is a longer list drawing from of a wider net, with episodes highlighted where they have a particular focus on angels. Back to Charlotte for John Aspey at covering more from the Charlotte startup scene. Notable angel investing focused episodes include Charlotte Angel Fund, QC Fintech, Jim Roberts and WALE (Wilmington), and our Charlotte group leader, Juan Garzon, covering his other work at Pitch Breakfast in this episode

Southeast Tech Podcast Morris Manning & Martin’s Southeast Tech Podcast casts a wide net, but episodes with investors, especially in Atlanta, appear periodically. Recent examples include Silicon Road, BIP Capital, Valor Ventures, and Bull City Ventures from the Triangle – plus Anthony Herrera, Executive Director at Furman Innovation & Entrepreneurship and our partner on VentureSouth Furman, in episode 109. Shameless plugs for the episodes featuring VentureSouth portfolio companies Sprockets, Emrgy, Kwipped, Sharpen, HelloPackage, and Servosity

Founder Shares Continuing with attorneys, this time the team at Hutchison Law, which has long supported the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Carolina. The Founder Shares podcast delivers what its name suggests; for those seeking the investors’ perspective, this episode also featuring Robbie Hardie of xElle gives hope for future relevant content. 

Donald Thompson Podcast Donald Thompson’s podcast covers a wide range of advice from successful business leaders, with a particular focus on diversity. Not focused exclusively on angel investing, we included Donald as one of the few podcasts delivered by a self-professed angel investor from the Triangle. Episodes with other investors like David Gardner and Tim McCloughlin (returning the favor!) provide some investors’ input. 

Karen Rands' Compassionate Capitalist Podcast Experienced angel investor Karen Rands’ Compassionate Capitalist Podcast frequently covers early stage and angel investing topics, as part of a wider remit of business advice and assistance. Local investor episodes include Cliff at Cultivation Capital earlier this year, Shac Oren at Sound Media Ventures in Atlanta, and Skip Boudreaux at Arcadian in Louisiana. 

Exit Stories Another pod from an investor, this time Kevin Mosley of Jurassic Capital, Exit Stories hasn’t featured many investors so far, but does cover the critical subject of exits [link to VS exit materials]. Angel investing only works if companies can exit; most entrepreneurs have not been through an exit; so this collection of episodes fills a particularly critical subject gap. 

InvestHer Lastly, as a preview of coming attractions, Robbie Hardy is planning her own podcast, InvestHer. Link here  

*** There are, of course, a wide variety of angel investing podcasts from other regions and nationally. Some of our favorites include:

  • Angel Invest Boston
  • Angel
  • Angel Insights
  • Angel Investors Access
  • Angels, Exits and Acquisitions
  • Investor Connect
  • Paradox Podcast
  • Square One
  • The Full Ratchet
  • This Week in Startups
  • Venture Stories