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April 2021 VentureSouth Recap

Venture south fallback
Venture South Team
Last updated: June 3, 2024
Venture south fallback

April 2021 Recap: In April, things started to look and feel a bit more normal. With the COIVD vaccine becoming so accessible, we are finally able to hug our friends and family again. 

New Investments: 

  • In the month of April VentureSouth invested in six different companies, but because of fundraising regulations, we are not yet permitted to discuss these investments in detail.
  • KIYATEC closed a new round from a venture investor.

Other Notable mentions: 

  • In April, we kicked off a new social media campaign of #MemberMonday. The new campaign includes testimonials from investors and entrepreneurs from our portfolio companies.
  • VentureSouth hosted three in-person meetings in April. These COVID-responsible events took place in three of cities: Greenville, Greensboro, and Raleigh.
  • VentureSouth's team was able to have their first in person meeting in April. All nine core VentureSouth team members were able to attend, and we were able to discuss exciting things to come!

Looking Ahead: 

  • With the CDC now allowing gatherings, we are looking forward to many in-person meetings. VentureSouth has five in-person events on the calendar for the month of May, including a happy hour with portfolio company Spiffy.
  • There will be five educational webinars in May. Check out the calendar for upcoming events at the Venture Carolina website.