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A thank you from the VentureSouth team

Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Last updated: June 5, 2024
Venture south fallback

Over the last few days we’ve been enjoying some positive accolades from our investing activity so far this year and from the Angel Capital Association for being a top 10 angel group in North America.

As we head back from the “summer break”, Matt, Charlie, and I wanted to pause to thank those that make these headlines possible.

First, our full time team at VentureSouth headquarters: Cara - our investor relations director who makes sure our members know what is happening on these investments; Caroline – our financial controller who makes sure the right money is in the right place at the right time; our interns Alex, Ryan, and Baylen who have helped in innumerable ways during our due diligence processes. We could not keep growing VentureSouth without you.

Second, our market leaders that fly the VentureSouth duck in cities from Greensboro to Hilton Head: you can learn more about them on our website, but for now we are privileged to have such dedicated individuals supporting VentureSouth across the Carolinas.

Thirdly, our 350 members, whose constant leaps of faith to back early stage startups in the southeast keep VentureSouth – and its 49 active portfolio companies – in business.

To the myriad of other supporters – from Southern First Bank to the Appalachian Regional Commission to the South Carolina Department of Commerce to the Angel Capital Association to our board members – that have helped VentureSouth get to where it is today.

To the unbelievable portfolio company entrepreneurs who make it hard to say “no”.

And lastly and most importantly to our families – the three wives, nine children, innumerable dogs, cats, and (previously) bearded dragons – for whom we do this and without whom we couldn’t.

Thank you – and here’s to even better returns for the rest of the year!