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Paul Clark
Paul Clark
Last updated: January 17, 2024
Venture south fallback

I just did my first "Crowdrcast". It was a lot of fun!

Our SCAN angel groups have seen pitches from over 230 companies, and have reviewed the business plans, executive summaries, and pitch decks of probably 2,000 more. We've seen a lot of pitches - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One of our most disappointing experiences is learning about an exciting idea and then watching it being pitched badly. We try to prevent this, by trying to help educate entrepreneurs on how to pitch better - or at least avoid the obvious pitfalls.

There are tons of resources for to learn about good pitches, but I don't know of an interactive Q&A forum when you get your specific questions on "how to pitch" answered. So we created it, with the help of new SCAN portfolio company, You can watch the recorded version of our first "Crowdrcast," and here are the slides I was talking about.

(Warning: you'll have to listen to me speak.)

For a more polished performance, Matt had good things to say about Crowdr, and on the interaction of crowdfunding and politics more generally, in the UBJ last week. Check it out - and then schedule your own Crowdr broadcast to raise money for your political campaign, non-profit organization, or business.  Enjoy it - but I warn you, answering questions and hearing the "ding" of a new contribution as that meter fills up is pretty addictive.